Universities for Architecture

There are so many universities out there, its sometimes overwhelming to think about which one to go to. There are universities all over the world, and talking about them really helps. What if someone from the United States wanted to study in France, or vice versa? So, its helpful to talk about good universities all over. Post up your top university picks for architecture here, and itll be one step closer to making this blog more complete.


Blogger ramezquita said...

One of the most renowned universities in the United States, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) was the first school for architecture in the United States. Also, it is certainly one of the greatest schools in the country for not only architecture, but science, physics, etc. Please visit the MIT homepage http://web.mit.edu/ for more information about MIT. Check it out, it will certainly be worth your time.

January 20, 2005 at 6:50 PM  

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