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Magazines on architecture, there are so many to look at. If your looking into subscribing to a magazine, here is a good place to look (and post) reccomendations.


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Being the son of an architect, my father recieves a lot of excellent architectural magazines. Hopefully these can be of help if your looking for some good architecture and engineering magazines. Here they are:

Metropolis-an excellent magazine of "architecture < culture < design" this magazine is one of the best. It talks about the greatest architects of today, design galleries, design concepts, advertising for materials, interesting furniture, and innovative projects. I heartily reccomend this magazine to anyone looking for a broad spectrum about architecture and the "metropolis."

Architecture-this magazine is purely devoted to architecture, and has a much to offer in its pages. Everything pertaining letters, such as letters, news, the practice of architecture, future plans, design, the process, technology, materials, and beautiful pictures. Certainly a must have for any aspiring architect and architect. Check it out, and check in.

Wired-Ok, this magazine is not really about architecture, however, it is one of the most interesting and exciting magazines around. This magazine is brimmign with news about technology and the new gadgets around. Get this magazien to keep up with the constantly evolving technology of today. Also of note, ths magazine has covered very interesting articles, such as one about Frenk Gehry and his new design for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Keep yourself wired with the times, with wired magazine.

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