Tips and Tricks: AutoCad

AutoCad is such a complex program, that surely there must be some tips and tricks people can use to do something quickly and efficiently. If you have any tips and tricks, post them up here, and try them out!

Magazines: Architecture

Magazines on architecture, there are so many to look at. If your looking into subscribing to a magazine, here is a good place to look (and post) reccomendations.

Universities for Architecture

There are so many universities out there, its sometimes overwhelming to think about which one to go to. There are universities all over the world, and talking about them really helps. What if someone from the United States wanted to study in France, or vice versa? So, its helpful to talk about good universities all over. Post up your top university picks for architecture here, and itll be one step closer to making this blog more complete.


What is your opinion of AutoDesk Architectural and its new features?

I've been using AutoCad throughout my life, since I was like 3 years old for drawing. Now I look at the new AutDesk and see so many new features compared to the old versions on the monochrome monitors it is amazing.

Design contests

Design contests, probably one of the many exhilarating aspects in the field of architecture. Have you heard of any new up and coming design contests? Would you like to form a team for a certain contest? Post up anything you have to say about design contests of today here, and good luck!

Architectural Aspirations

Every one of has goals to do something with his life. As architects, and more importantly, as architects of todays generation, what are our goals? What are some of your goals in the field of architecture?

What do you believe is the effect of architecture on the world?

Architecture, always been around, from the caves of thousands of years ago, to the complex structures making up New York City. What is your opinion on how architecture effects surrounding society? Does architecture have the ability to inspire, motivate, and create new developments in the world?